Validated EAC Manual (SOPs) for Externally Funded Projects

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    1.Overview of the Manual

This Manual contains best practice guidelines to facilitate the day-to-day management and administration of the portfolio of donor-funded projects under the purview of the EAC Secretariat. The Manual also serves as a reference document to Development Partners in assessing EAC Projects’ performance and formulating their respective Aide Memoires or Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs). Specifically, the guidelines provided in this Manual aim to ensure that all EAC donor-funded projects are implemented in a coordinated, timely and efficient manner, within budget, and in accordance with agreed quality standards.


2. Purpose, Scope, and Application

The Manual aims to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the management and administration of all EAC donor-funded Projects by providing Managers guidelines and procedures encompassing all processes and sub-processes to be adhered-to in the course of implementing EAC Projects. These guidelines apply to EAC’s donor-funded projects consisting of Grants and/or Technical Assistance.

The Manual also provides the Governance structure and guidelines on how projects are managed and coordinated in EAC.  It further covers the project management cycle as well as the steps followed in each cycle. In addition, the Manual provides guidance on the process of Mid - Term Reviews and Project Closure. A number of appendixes are attached to enhance appreciation for coordination and ensure standardization of project management templates as guidance for Project staff.


3. Objectives of the Procedures

The main objective of these SOPs is to clarify project implementation procedures, institutional roles, responsibilities and accountabilities as well as to streamline related interactions between and among the different projects and staff involved.

The Manual aims at improving EAC Project portfolio management in order to:

  • Optimize the strategic benefits to be derived from the support of development partners by enhancing consistency and reducing variation within project management processes;
  • Enhance and diversify the levels of external assistance available to EAC to accelerate the institutional development goals and objectives;
  • Provide ground for sustainability and gradual departure from donor-led development towards internal self-financing mechanisms.

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