Reviewing EAC HIV AIDS Strategic Plan 2015 - 2020

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This strategic plan lays out the strategic intents2 for East African Community (EAC) HIV and AIDS program for the period 2015-2020. The plan will set the boundaries within which the EAC will implement its HIV and AIDS, TB and STIs interventions within the spheres of its mandate. The costed plan will further be a tool for resource mobilization as well as being a reference point for addressing HIV and AIDS, TB and STIs issues that are trans-boundary in nature within the region.

The strategic plan review process: The exercise was participatory involving an extensive consultation process with Partner States and stakeholders in the public and private sector and the civil society. This took into account the changes in the socio-political, economic, technological and legal environs, and how they influence the dynamics of the HIV and AIDS, TB and STIs response. The approach further sought to generate buy-in by the different stakeholders for purposes of joint ownership and implementation of the strategic plan. To this end, consultative workshops, individual country assessment of areas of focus and assessment of performance of the previous strategy were carried out.

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Presentation EAC HIV Strategy - Summary and Next steps 12.09.2022.pdf

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Partner States Invitation Letter - Review Meetings and Country Consultation of EAC Regional HIV-AIDS Strategy Sept 2022.pdf

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Agenda & Programme of the Virtual to Review EIHP HIV-AIDS Strategy and Steps for Developing a new Strategy, Sept 2022.pdf

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Tool for Reviewing the EAC Regional HIV Strategy - Sept 2022.pdf

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