Review of the Uganda's Progress towards the set EAC targets of the key RMNCAH/HIV/TB/GBV outcome indicators

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The goal of this summary is to give the highlights in the process to review of the country's progress towards the set EAC targets of the key RMNCAH/HIV/TB/GBV outcome indicators. Furthermore, to document implementation of the action plan/commitments derived from the 2018 Regional scorecard review and also prepare for the 2019 Annual country status scorecard.

To accomplish this, the objectives set out to:

- To support the Ministry of Health Uganda to review progress on the implementation of the action plans/Commitments resulting from the 2018 Regional EAC integrated SC.

- Update the indicators of the EAC Integrated RMNCAH/HIV/TB/GBV scorecard and upload the agreed results onto the EAC web portal

 The assessment used a range of qualitative tools and rigorous evaluation. This was conducted by data collection through desk reviews, document reviews, key informant discussions, interviews, in depth stakeholder meetings, and stakeholder’s consultative, and validation workshops.

 Overall for the indicators on RMNCAH/HIV/TB/GBV, focusing on the indicators for Maternal Health, The Institutional Maternal Mortality Ratio has steadily dropped over the past 10 years to 91.7 per 1,000 live births, other indicators like Total fertility rate, and Child Mortality have followed a similar pattern and reflect a drop. Other indicators like The modern Contraceptive Prevalence Rate at 36.4, and the reduction in the prevalence of malaria and diarrheol diseases also replicate the patterns as seen in the indicators above. 

A key observation made was in terms of the trends in Health Financing which reflect a significant increase in funding by the GOU from 25.8% in 2011/12 to 42% in 2018/19.  

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