Health Secto HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan IV HSHSP IV

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The Tanzania Government recognizes that HIV/AIDS is a multi-factorial concern that requires concerted efforts of all stakeholders in government, civil society and development partner organizations to shape the national response towards HIV/AIDS. As such, the process of developing the HSHSP IV was based on a facilitated dialogue between key role-players in the sector who worked collaboratively throughout the process to take stock of our successes and failures, to identify opportunities and possible challenges, to define future goals, and to design strategies to address the challenges while taking into consideration the evolving nature of the AIDS epidemic and the need to be responsive, proactive and flexible in our approaches.

The review of the HSHSP III 2013-17 which informed the HSHSP IV 2017-22 drafting process, showed significant progress evidenced by a reduction in HIV infection (both in terms of HIV incidence rates and absolute number of new infections), an increase in the number of clients (both adults and children living with HIV) on antiretroviral therapy (ART), a decline in AIDS-related mortality, and a decline in reported HIV-related stigma and discrimination. However, there are a number of challenges and gaps that still need to be addressed. The themes in HSHSP IV are strategically designed to set continuum of interventions the towards the elimination of AIDS as a public health concern by 2030.

The strategies designed for the HSHSP IV 2017-22 are geared to meet the 90, 90, 90 global goals (90%

PLHIV know their status; 90% of all people diagnosed with HIV enrolled on ART; and 90% of all people receiving ART attained sustainable viral suppression) and the health related Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). These strategies will be realized through a range of innovative approaches – such as the new ‘Treat All’ approach; rigorous condom promotion and Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) - packaged in a way that will ensure increased male involvement in HIV prevention efforts; and a strong focus on key populations including among others, Adolescent Girls and Young

Women (AGYM) and other vulnerable groups such as Female Sex Workers (FSW), Men who have sex with Men (MSM), People Who Inject Drugs (PWID), prisoners and migrant populations (fisher folks, miners, long distance truck drivers). The Strategy also has a strong community component that recognizes the role of expert patients, community based volunteers, formalised community health workers, community leaders and other influential people.

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Health Secto HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan IV HSHSP IV

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