EAC Regional HIV and AIDS Response Report 2013

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The report presents recommendations for implementation at two levels, namely, EAC and Partner State levels:

EAC level

  1. Institutionalize the production of the EAC Regional HIV and AIDS Report every two years in harmony with other mandatory regional and global reporting.

  2. Facilitate the process of harmonizing minimum standards for surveillance of HIV and AIDS issues and service delivery within the region

  3. Facilitate the harmonization of national HIV and AIDS strategic plan development and timeframes to enhance monitoring and evaluation, ad for better comparison across Partner States

  4. Strengthen the M&E system at the Secretariat in terms of structures and personnel to facilitate availability of high quality data for performance monitoring and reporting and linkage with the EAC Partner States

  5. Enhance provision of combination prevention services among priority populations (including transport

  6. corridor workers) through establishing a minimum package of services along the EAC transport corridors for key populations

  7. Conduct social behavioral and survey studies on sub populations and dynamics in order to guide prioritization of programming and policy interventions

  8. Develop a regional strategy for strengthening community systems to facilitate implementation of HIV and other health programs

  9. Formulate a regional policy on local pharmaceutical manufacturing and pooled procurement of HIV commodities including ARVs in order to benefit from economies of scale

  10. Work with Partner States to formulate a strategy for sustainable financing of HIV and health services based on the new approach on test and treat

  11. Advocate and harmonize regional laws and policies that enhance access of HIV services without discrimination of marginalized populations


Refer to the report for further details

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