EAC Minimum Package for RMNCAH & HIV Integration and Linkages - Powerpoint Presentation and Word Document

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The Structure of the EAC Minimum Package for RMNCAH & HIV Integration and Linkages




Glossary of terms

1.0. Introduction

  1.1. The EAC

  1.2. Synopsis of RMNCAH and HIV situation and response in EAC

  1.3. Status of RMMCAH and HIV integration across the EAC Partner States

  1.4. Rationale, purpose and target audience for the minimum Package

  1.4. The minimum Package development process

2.0. Minimum Package theory of change and guiding principles

  2.1. The minimum Package theory of change

  2.2. Guiding principles

3.0. Models of RMNCAH and HIV/AIDS Integration

4.0.  The minimum Package

  4.1. Enabling environment-policy and legal

  4.2. Resilient and sustainable systems for health

  4.3. Integrated service delivery

  4.4. RMNCAH and HIV integration at community level

  4.5. Integrated RMNCAH and HIV services for vulnerable and most at risk populations

  4.6. RMNCAH and HIV integration in humanitarian and fragile contexts

5.0. Operationalising implementation of the minimum Package

  5.1. Key steps for implementation of the minimum Package

  5.2. Roles and responsibilities of different players

  5.3. Monitoring and evaluation of the minimum Package


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