2020 EAC Regional Integrated Health Scorecard - Approved by 20th EAC Sectoral Council on Health

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The experts from the EAC Partner States engaged intensively to develop and update the data for the 5th edition of the EAC Regional Integrated RMNCAH and HIV / AIDS Scorecard for 2020.  This 5th edition of the EAC Health scorecard has been produced with latest statistics as of 31st December 2020.

The following eighteen (18) regionally agreed upon indicators have been prioritized to track progress in the EAC Integrated RMNCAH and HIV/AIDS Scorecard-2020:

           i.         Maternal Mortality Ratio

          ii.       Under-five Mortality Rate

        iii.         Neonatal Mortality Rate

        iv.         Under 5 Stunting Rate

         v.         Antenatal care (4+ visits)

        vi.         Health Facility Delivery Rate

      vii.         Postnatal Care-mother (within 2 days)

     viii.         Postnatal Care-baby (within 2 days)

        ix.         DPT3/Pentavalent3 Coverage

         x.         Percent HIV+ pregnant women receiving ARVs for PMTCT

        xi.         Contraceptive Prevalence Rate

      xii.         Adolescent Pregnancy Rate

     xiii.         Total Health Expenditure per Capita

     xiv.         Density of Skilled Health Personnel (only midwives, nurses and physicians) per 10,000 population)

      xv.         Percentage of people living with HIV who know their status

     xvi.         Percentage of people currently receiving antiretroviral therapy among those diagnosed with HIV

   xvii.         Proportion People Living With HIV/AIDS screened for Tuberculosis

  xviii.         Percentage of pregnant women accessing antenatal care services who were screened for syphilis

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