19th Sectoral Council on Health Report

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The meeting was chaired by Hon.  Dr. Patrick Ndimubanzi, Chairperson of the Sectoral Council on Health & Minister of State in charge of Public and Primary Health Care, Republic of Rwanda.


Hon. Dr. Patrick Ndimubanzi, Chairperson of Sectoral Council on Health welcomed the Hon. Ministers of Health to the 19th Meeting of the Sectoral Council on Health and thanked each one of them for finding time to participate in the Sectoral Council meeting and the in the 2nd EAC Ministerial, Development Partners and Investors Round Table. Your continued participation in the work of the Sectoral Council on Health means a lot to the Community and indeed adds a lot of value to the work of fostering regional integration through health and wellbeing of the people  of East Africa.


The Hon. Minister also thanked in a special way, the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Republic of Kenya and her team for the warm hospitality accorded to the Partner States delegations since their arrival in Nairobi.


The Chairperson underscored the need to attract and maintain adequate investment in the health sector, so as to ensure that the health services are accessible, of good quality, and above all affordable and sustainable. This is further informed by the fact that investing in health is the most direct route to creating wealthy nations and enabling people to realize national, regional and global socio-economic and human development aspirations set out in national development plans, the EAC Common Market Protocol, the EAC Vision 2050 and the UN SDGs.


The Hon. Minister reminded the session that Sustainable Development Goal 3 provide a firm foundation for both national and regional commitment on the health agenda, and therefore all Partner States  should  make concerted  efforts to ensure provision of quality and affordable  healthcare  for all  at national level and progressively at the regional level.


The Chairperson, concluded his remarks by further thanking the Permanent/Principal Secretaries for the for the well documented report prepared for consideration by the Hon. Ministers of Health.



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