Data Use Partnership (DUP)

14 March, 2019 | United Republic of Tanzania |262 views

The Data Use Partnership (DUP) is a Government led initiative that is improving the national health care system through better use of health information. DUP aims to strengthen the digital health infrastructure and build local capacity so that everyone from government officials to health workers to patients can use health information to make more informed decisions, leading to a healthier Tanzania.

DUP initiative concentrates in three main investment areas:

Investment package 1: Governance and Policy:

Aims to nationally coordinate the execution of robust digital and data use initiatives by strengthening governance processes for stakeholders who are implementing different road map recommendations. This “bridge” will create an enabling environment for the successful resourcing and implementation of the entire investment road map. Expected output for this package are:

  1. Establish and strengthen governance structure
  2. Policies are in place to support data systems and use
  3. Mechanisms to document existing and new data use and data systems initiatives


Investment package 2: Demonstration of data use for enhanced primary care:

Demonstrates in select geographies how an integrated set of digital tools, combined with support for data use, can improve service delivery at the frontline level, supervision at the midline level, and policy making decisions at the national level. The expected output for this package are:

  1. Health facility supervision and adaptive management
  2. Instituting data use for adaptive management, improving dashboards and indicators, and building data use capacity
  3. Primary healthcare digitization


Investment package 3: Data consistency and exchange:

Lays a foundation to facilitate data exchange and data consistency and comparability across digital deployments. Expected output for this package are:  

  1. Health Enterprise architecture
  2. Administrative area registry
  3. Health and social services worker registry

The Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly, and Children (MOHCDGEC) and President's Office, Regional Administration, and Local Government (PORALG) lead this initiative.  The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded the initiative and PATH, The international non-profit organization plays a supportive role to the government in implementing the Data Use Partnership Initiative.

Project status