EAC EWG on Digital Health, Data, Technologies and Innovations (DIDATI), Zanzibar, 20-28 March 2023

19 March, 2023 | |109 views
Hybrid (Virtual and Face-to-face)

Link with Meeting Documents: https://tinyurl.com/EAC-EWG-Digital-Health


The EAC Secretariat has been implementing different donor funded digital health initiatives in order to contribute towards elimination of preventable deaths and improvement of wellbeing among citizens of East African Community through digitization of clinical and public health processes. 

The 23rd Sectoral Council on Health directed the EAC Partner States to domesticate the redesigned EAC digital health platforms into their national systems with the shared financial support from EAC Secretariat and Partner States (EAC/SCHealth/23/Directive 013); and directed the EAC Secretariat to;

i)      present evidence-based progress emanating from the EAC Regional Health Scorecard before each EAC Sectoral Council on Health meeting for policy guidance (EAC/SCHealth/23/Directive 012)

ii)     orient new Partner States on the use of the EAC Regional Integrated Health Scorecard and support them to establish their national Scorecard platform (EAC/SCHealth/23/Directive 014);

iii)    strengthen the use of harmonised data collection tools across the Partner States for pulling EAC Regional Health Scorecard data (EAC/SCHealth/23/Directive 015);

iv)   coordinate the strengthening the capacity of Partner States’ digital technology experts to effectively discharge their mandate on data analytics and data validation of the DHIS2 Data Warehouse (EAC/SCHealth/23/Directive 016)


In order to implement the above directives, the EAC Secretariat through Sida - funded EAC Integrated Health Programme (EIHP) and  USAID - funded Local Health System Sustainability (LHSS) project in collaboration with the EAC technical advisors, University of Oslo / HISP, is convening an Expert Working Group in the United Republic of Tanzania (Zanzibar), from 20TH to 28th March 2023 in order to review and strengthen digital health systems.

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