2nd EAC Ministerial, Donors and Investors' Round table

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Hilton Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

THEME: Enhancing health sector investments, wellbeing and wealth creation in the East African Community


Dates: 31st October to 1st November 2019


Venue: Hilton Hotel Nairobi Kenya


DOCUMENTS: Concept note, Programme and Investment Priorities are attached below



The 2nd EAC Ministerial, donors, Investors Development and implementing Partners’ resource mobilization Roundtable was held on the sidelines of the 19th Ordinary meeting of the Sectoral Council on Health which started on 28ht October and ended on 1st November, 2019. The aim of the roundtable was to mobilize financial and technical resources to support implementation of the approved regional health sector investment priorities. 

The Ministers responsible for Health in the EAC Partner States in collaboration with Investors, Development Partners, Private Sector and Civil Society Organizations’ Leaders signed a joint communique, attached below, on enhancing health sector investments, wellbeing and wealth creation in the East African community



  1. Roadmap on the Implementation arrangements of the 9 Health Sector Investment Priorities
  2. Resource Mobilization Agenda for the 9 Health Sector Investment Priorities
  3. Report of the Proceedings of the 2nd EAC Ministerial, Development Partners and Investors Roundtable meeting.


  1.  To marshal financial and technical resources for implementation of the nine EAC Regional Health Sector Investment Priorities.
  2. To provide an opportunity to consolidate efforts and resources of Partner States, Development Partners and Investors towards these elaborately defined priorities and investment cases.
  3. To launch the Status report on implementation the EAC frame work of Action (EFoA) on sustainable financing for Universal Health and HIV Coverage (UHHC)
  4. To share experiences, management challenges and visions of future financing trends and issues in order to instruct, improve, enlighten and secure sustainable resources for health and HIV in the EAC region.




Key discussion issues from the thematic areas focus of the Round table discussion on Day 2 brought together key policy and strategic decision makers comprising of Hon. Ministers, Permanent/Principal/Under Secretaries, bilateral and multilateral development partners; diplomatic missions; private business and innovators; philanthropists, UN Agencies; civil society organizations; faith-based organizations.

Thematic Area 1: Human resources for health, financing, infrastructure, and measurement

Thematic Area 2: Essential primary and specialized health services

Thematic Area 3: Regulation of medicines and other health technologies

Thematic Area 4: Health research and development


The EAC is a regional economic community through which Partner States cooperate, negotiate and collectively determine legislation and policy that is nationally binding. EAC legislation takes precedence over similar national laws on matters pertaining to the implementation of the Treaty. The Article 118 of the Treaty for the establishment of the EAC calls for a stronger regional cooperation on health.  The EAC has developed several frameworks and instruments to respond to identified regional health challenges and priority interventions. These include: the EAC Health Policy, EAC Health Sector Strategic Plan; EAC Vision 2050 as well as Partner States’, Africa regional and global health and development frameworks such as Agenda 2063 and the SDGs. Revise the statement which is incomplete  

Towards this end the East African Community (EAC) Partner States joined the global community to commit to ambitious targets of ensuring healthy lives and well-being for all at all ages (SDG 3). These include the achievement of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) encompassing financial risk protection and access to quality essential care medicines and vaccines; elimination of preventable maternal, newborn and child deaths; ending the epidemics of AIDS, Tuberculosis, malaria and other infectious diseases; and reduction of premature mortality from Non-communicable diseases.

However, the commitments to these ambitious targets are happening against a backdrop of sub optimal performance regarding attainment of the health relate Millennium Development Goals (specifically MDGs 4, 5 and 6). In addition, there is growing overall burden of diseases, increasing demand for quality healthcare coupled with dramatic change in the funding landscape for health and HIV over the coming 10 to 15 years. 72% of the total HIV expenditure in the EAC is from international community raising serious concerns about sustainability of funding for health and HIV.  

The East African Community has one of the World’s highest disease burden with more than 1.3 Million preventable deaths annually and over 5 Million people living with HIV (WHO 2015; UNAIDS 2017).

Spending on health is not only a crucial part of well-being and a fundamental goal of economic development but a prerequisite of development. Investments in health can realize returns up to twenty times the level of investment made. Therefore ‘Health is Wealth’ and thus EAC Partner States should invest the dividends of their healthy population into Economic Growth and Development. With the “region’s blue print for investment in the health sector” during the 1st  EAC  Ministerial, Development Partners and Investors Roundtable held in February 2018 direction given to  the Council of Ministers to mobilize resources to support implementation of the health sector investment priority projects; strengthen the region’s capacity to effectively prepare and implement the priority projects; develop comprehensive strategies to combat cross-border health challenges; and convene heads of state retreats on health every two years, the EAC secretariat is convening the 2nd EAC Ministerial, Development partners and investors’ round table in the month of October 2019. The Roundtable meeting targets key representation from Governments, Development Partners, CSOs, Private Sector, Investors, Philanthropists in the region with the aim of forging collaborative efforts and dig deep into the experience of the different players in fundraising and effective domestic resource mobilization mechanisms for health and HIV.  



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