Rwanda in the EAC

Located in East Africa, Rwanda covers 24,668 square kilometers of land and 1,670 square kilometers of water, making it the 150th largest nation in the world with a total area of 26,338 square kilometers.

Rwanda became an independent state in 1962, after gaining its sovereignty from Belgium. The population of Rwanda is 12.2M (2017) and the nation has a density of 474 people per square kilometer.

The Ministry of Health


Scholarship MSc Health Supply Chain Management under EAC RCoE VIHSCM University of Rwanda
Jul 22, 2022
The EAC Regional Centre of Excellency (RCoE) in Vaccines, Immunization and Health Supply Chain Management (HSCM) - Republic of Rwanda launched th...
Rwanda pioneers use of non-surgical circumcision method
Mar 04, 2019
Rwanda has become the first country to launch a nationwide scale-up of non-surgical adult male circumcision method (Prepex) to reduce the rate of HIV...
Ministry of health issues Ebola notice
Mar 03, 2019
The Ministry of Health has issued a notice following reported outbreak of the deadly Ebola hemorrhagic fever in neighboring Uganda. The Government of...


Health Strategy Documents


National Community Health Policy
Mar 03, 2019
Over the last decade, rapid expansion of HIV/Aids funding and other health programs such as tuberculosis and malaria and a renewed interest in child s...